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They came. They stayed. What more can be said?

Johann Heinrich Schultze (hereafter referred to as Johann Heinrich I) came to America in 1844 on the ship "Johann Dethardt" with his wife and two children. They arrived in New Braunfels, Texas in 1845. They made their home six miles South of New Braunfels. His brother, Friedrich Heinrich Herman Schultze made his home about two miles North of New Berlin in Guadalupe County, Texas. It is not totally clear whether Johann and Friederich are brothers or cousins, but until other proof can be obtained, it is assumed they are brothers.

Johann Heinrich I was born on January 3, 1811 in Nettin on the Berg, Province of Verden on the Aller, Hannover, Germany. His wife, Katharine Adelheid Uelzen/Oelstein was born in Arnsen, Province of Verden on the Aller, Hannover, Germany. They were married in 1837, in Germany. They had the following children: Herman, born 09-10-1838, in Armsen, Germany; Friedrich, born 09-22-1841; Sophie born 11-08 or 09-1848 (Sophie married Johann Heinrich Schultze II); and Wilhelmine, born 03-27-1851 (Wilhelmine married Herman Schultze). (Johann Heinrich II and Herman Schultze were brothers and were the sons of Friederich and Anna Maria Lindhorst.) Johann Heinrich I died December 1, 1889, and is buried in the New Braunfels City Cemetery. His wife Katharine (also known as Catharina Adele) is buried in the Schultze Family Cemetery, New Berlin. She died on March 4, 1885.

Friederich was born on April 28, 1819, in Hohen Auf-em Berge, Germany. His wife, Anna Maria Lindhorst, was born February 28, 1821, in Arnsen at Verden, Hannover, Germany. She died on September 23, 1900, in Guadalupe County, Texas. He died on November 9, 1888, in Guadalupe County, Texas. Both are buried in the Schultze Cemetery about one mile north of New Berlin. The property is currenly owned by Schultze descendant, Marietta Gerhart. Friederich and Anna had the following children, Johann Heinrich II (married Sophie Schultze, mentioned above); Herman (married Wilhelmina Schultze, mentioned above), Margarethe; Fritz; and Diedrich.

As you can see, things get a little complicated. If, as is believed, Johann Heinrich Schultze I and Friederich Schultze were brothers, then Johann's daughters married Friederich's sons.

Why did Sophie and Wilhelmina marry their cousins? Had the family lost contact with one another? Johann Heinrich I came to America in 1844. It is unknown when Friederich came to America, but his son Johann Heinrich II built his home in New Berlin after 1870. Johann Heinrich I's youngest son, Diedrich, was born in Germany in 1860. Apparently he came over sometime in between.

Nevertheless, they came. Johann Heinrich I was a founding colonist of New Braunfels, receiving Lot # 54 containing about 1/2 acre Bavarian measurements. It was sold to him by the German Emigration Company with acting Trustee named Herman Spiess. The land is situated in the City of New Braunfels. His nephew, Johann Heinrich II built a two story house north of Marion, in 1870. In 1894 he built a large rock house about mile north of New Berlin. There he had a large vinyard which he had set up with irrigation. This is the same property on which the Schultze Family Cemetery is located.

Many Schultze descdants still live in the immediate New Berlin area. Among them are Roma Schultze Lenz. Roma's father, Edward Schultze, was known as Butcher Schultze, as he was the local meat cutter. He followed in his father Diedrich's footsteps, as he was also a local butcher. Diedrich and his wife, Maria Wieters, made their home on Linne Road about one mile North of New Berlin. Diedrich was the son of Friedrich and Anna Schultze.

Other Schultze descendants still living on or near the original Schultze farms are Bill Schultze, Scott Schultze, Joyce Schultze Young and Morris Vader, and the Marietta Gerhart Family.

Many of the Schultze's are buried in the Schultze Family Cemetery, which is located on the Gerhart Farm. They are Catharina Adele Schultze; Frederick Herman Henrick Schultze and Anna Maria Schultze; Heinrich John Schultze and Sophia Schultze; Henrich Schultze and Thelka Schultze; Viola Schultze; Fritz, Emil, Herman Friederich and Herman Heinrich (children of Heinrich & Sophia); Herman and Wilhelmina Schultze. Some of the names of these individuals were "Americanized" and are spelled a little differently on their tombstones than they are listed elsewhere in this article.

There are more questions than answers when studying the Schultze Family. If you know of information about the Schultze's in New Berlin, or if the information presented is incorrect, please contact Dawn Young.

Johann's wife - Sophie Schultze Born 11-8 or 11-9-1848, in the Santa

Clara community. They were married on 5-26-1872. She died on 12-18-

1929 and is buried in the Schultze Cemetery. Her father is believed to be a

brother to her husband's father.

The information in this article was taken from the Schultze Family Book which provides information on the descendants of Georg Hinrich Schultze from 1740-1992.


Friedrich Herman Heinrich Schultze

Born 4-28-1819, In Hohen-auf-em Berg, Germany

Died 11-9-1888; Buried in Schultze Cemetery

Wife - Anna Marie Lindhorst

born 2-28-1821 or 1828 in Armsen, at Verden, Germany Died 9-23-1900; Buried in Schultze Cemetery

Children-Johann Heinrich Schultze, born 7-25-1844, in Armsen, Verden, Hannover, Germany