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City Government

The City of New Berlin, Texas is a Type B General Law city incorporated under the provisions of Chapter 7 of the Texas Local Government Code. The election to incorporate was certified by the Guadaupe County Judge on June 9, 1975. The City is managed by an elected Mayor and a board of 5 elected Aldermen. The City Marshal is also an elected position The elected positions are elected to two-year terms and are all filled by volunteers. There are two paid staff positions. The current elected officials and staff members are:

First NameLast NamePosition>Term End
LisaHumesAldermanNov 2019
WalterWilliamsMayorNov 2020
BeverlyFeltsAldermanNov 2020
GilbertMerkleMayor Pro TemNov 2019
RonRohdeAldermanNov 2020
JoyceWolfeAldermanNov 2019
WayneZwickeCity MarshalNov 2020